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Elmer Fudd Calls them Wapanese

So I went to the Annual Anime-Movie festival here, it’s kinda like a cheaper Anime Convention to help pay for the Orpheum theater, an old theatre that had, in its hayday, been a theatre for plays, old western movies, and concerts. Well for a long time now, people have been trying to raise the money to help rebuild it in different ways, like the annual Anime-Movie Festival.

I was sitting in my chair comfily, drinking a bottle of pepsi I stole in. As I sat there, these five teenagers sit infront of me, knowing full well I was there, with their 5 foot tall fake hair, that I kindly asked they removed.

“Make Us” one of them said, and so I stood up and turned to move my stuff, “accidentally” knocking two of the five kid’s hairs down, saying “Oops” as it fell to the ground, followed by one a cup of coke that I had with me, acting as if I tripped over my bag.

The result was that the five were pissed off at me and picked up their things and moved, calling me random Japanese words, intermingled with English.

And so I watched this crappy Naruto movie, and I wasn’t to thrilled with it, but I had to listen to the people after the show (and during the process of buying some food) about how much it rocked. So I ignored it, until a bunch of 20 year old girls came up and asked if I wanted to be with their group. Some of them were cute, a few were hot, so I said sure and I stood up, and I regretted it.

I was essentially their shopping cart, and I was happy cause I got to check several of them out to a very fine degree. But what got me is when they tried to get me to wear a Cloud Strife outfit they had laying around. And so I laid the bags down beside them and walked off, going back into the air conditioned theatre and drinking my pepsi.

I really hate Wapanese kids. People who try to be Japanese, interchange their English with Japanese, or speaking horribly pronounced Japanese. I hate cosplayers while I am at it. sure its ok to imagine yourself in the shows your dressed up as. But you look like a jerk when you dress up like that.

That reminds me of the time I was sitting with my friend Stan, a Japanese kid, who enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons. So we were playing in my basement when one of the girls that had been invited comes down. When she first saw Stan, she was all over him, asking him about anime, drawing and shit that he wasn’t interested in, and made me laugh when he explained this to her:

“Look, I am Japanese, yes I know, but I am not a fan-boy of Anime, heck I have not even read more than three graphic novels or even more than two episodes of Anime my entire life.”

So me and him went back to playing ‘Go-Fish’ as the rest of the crew came in and we started to play. (By the way, it may not be much of the suprise, but the girl left after seeing we had no intention of doing anything remotely anime-like.)

But don’t get me wrong, there are a number of good anime, and manga, I just hate the fanboys and fangirls of the genre. I mean, if your gonna dress up, or talk like, or just try to be Japanese/Asian even though your not, please do not do it infront of me, or you could be the next one to get my soda in your hair.


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