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Why are your wrists bleeding Fire Mario?

Warning: The piece of work you are about to read is directly criticism the emo-clique that has taken the NES and retro-gaming as a form of their own thing, and forced good hearted gamers that love these old systems to hate the systems that you have formed.

First I want to say to all Emos: FUCK YOU. Fuck you for taking the NES as a “Stylish” belt buckle. Fuck you for having pac-man beanies on during your stupid My Chemical Romance jerk-off-a-thon. And Lastly, Get the hell away from my games.

Now, that is out of the way. Retro games are great, yep, yessiree, not like the games of these days, with all them thar fancy Polygons, Trigons, Porygons and all that fancy schmancy 3D art.

I love games, I have been a gamer ever since I could hold an NES Pad, ever since I played a Sega Master System I have been a gamer. And it pains me to see that the Emo-Clique has decided that our past is their clique, their “cool”. They all act like games these day suck in comparison to the games of yesteryear, but lets be honest, besides the nostalgia factor, most of the games of the past suck.

While weeaboos will go “Final Fantasy never sucked it always was the best fucking game ever”; I retort with “Fuck you”. So I went to get an NES recently, because I wanted to be able to play the Phantasy Star 4 NES hack that I found online (with of course a blank flash cart for you to put games on). And I was flabbergasted at the prices these systems go for. I mean fifty to two hundred dollars? Holy-fucking-Jesus. Its just not worth it, I mean what with Roms & Emulators, all I need to do is get an NES pad, mod it to be USB, and then I can just fucking play them on my PC.

I mean there is no reason for these systems to nearly cost the same as a Playstation 2, X-Box, Wii, or Gamecube. I blame the emo cliques for doing this, I blame them and hope they live a long and happy life in care bear heaven.

So in closing, if you want to play retro games; just forget getting the actual console and go for a media center pc, and just mod an NES pad.

There is a lot of resources out there for this, and together we can kill off the emos wanting to be a part of our clique.


Video Game Review: Hunter the Reckoning (GC)

Hunter the Reckoning for Gamecube a relatively unknown game about a group of four “Hunters” solving the mystery involving vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural groups, sounds familiar eh?

Well it should, its based upon Hunter: The Reckoning by White Wolf Publishing, part of the World of Darkness series (now defunct). It had every thing going for it, gauntlet style game play, up to four players on the game at a time, and hundreds of monsters for you to kill in happiness.

So the game play is pretty simple: L or Z (yes you hurt me) to shoot or attack, A button for action, B button for Moving between guns, X button for changing between Magic and Y changing to Default weapon of choice.

With little in terms of customization (Read: no customization), rather short adventure, fustrating at times battles, its an ok Single Player adventure, but excels at the multiplayer standpoint. With four players the game is pretty easy and fun. A great cheap party game; I give it a thumbs up.

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