Stuff on the Web: Screwattack (Part 2)

As many of the people who have read the previous review has stated, Screwattack’s biggest draw is its community, this is true. However, the community does have its own fair share of problems.


One of the biggest draws of the community is the fact that you as a member (Called G1s), get too directly connect with the programming. Asking questions for the podcast is just one of the many different ways you can connect.  Many questions on the podcast are funny, and are some of the responses, one of my favorite was when I asked them to curse my name and one of them went “Fuck you, Hunter Rose”.


Toilet Tuesday is a humorous submission program, where people send in videos to show what they do on the crapper.

G1 Submission Sunday, which can be just about anything that you can imagine, and all videos come from the community so that’s a plus (instead of just going out into YouTube and finding videos that people find funny and are popular). 


The forums themselves belong to a place to behold with conversations between people going on nearly 24/7 (Albeit at different rates) you can always expect to find something to do there.


Casual Talk is the biggest area, of course, with every thing ranging from gaming talk, politics, religion, history, math, to whatever your heart can imagine, while from what I can gather the comic book section is the lowest performer.


However, I cannot just keep going on without mentioning the few flaws.


There is a few graphic glitches for the logo when someone posts a big image, not a big deal mind (no really its just a tad annoying is all).


There are a few script errors that pop-up once and a while, but its few and far between. 


Then there are a few members that I do not care for. 



All in all its one of the better communities to go to, and I would highly suggest joining.


Rating: A


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